Caring for your Barker shoes

Recommendations to make the most of your Barker shoes.

Quality materials, design and craftsmanship are at the heart of Barker shoes and have been developing these attributes for over 135 years. Your shoes have been manufactured with high-grade leathers and will benefit from the recommendations stated below:

  • New leather soles can become slippery on wet surfaces; for the first few occasions wear your shoes in dry condition.
  • Fine leathers need 24 hours to dry out from natural perspiration. We advise that you do not wear the shoes on successive days.
  • If your shoes become very wet, do not dry them out with direct heat i.e. radiators or fires. When dried very quickly, the leather can crack and become brittle.
  • Regular polishing and cleaning of your shoes can maintain the suppleness of the leathers and maintain aesthetics.
  • Remove dirt from suede leathers by using a suede brush. Ensure that the shoes are completely dry.
  • We recommend shoehorns as they maintain the back shape when putting the shoes on.
  • Rubber additions to the soles are not recommended as they affect the balance and comfort of your shoes.
  • Your shoes should be wiped clean before applying a good quality shoe cream or wax polish. Once they have dried, use a soft brush to remove excess polish before buffing.
  • Shoetrees maintain the shape and look; we recommend using unfinished aromatic cedar trees as they absorb residual moisture and have a pleasant aroma.

If you have any questions regarding Barker Shoes, please click here to contact the team.