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Know how to dress appropriately for your getaway.

Dressing for Your Holiday

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May 2018

Knowing what clothing to take on holiday can be difficult and stressful. You want to look the part but you can’t take every item of clothing you own with you. You need to be prepared but you also need to pack lightly.

Wherever you’re off to this summer, we can advise on the garments you need to pack.

City Break
Whether you’re jetting off to Prague or Barcelona, you will be exploring the wonders of a new city, wanting to keep cool and comfortable. That is why we suggest you pack linen shirts, shorts, polo shirts, chinos, deck shoes and a light jacket. If you keep your bottoms neutral, you will find that the colour options of your tops can be a little bit more bold and flexible.

Beach Getaway
It’s time to relax and enjoy the sun. First and foremost, you need to pack swimming shorts that make a statement. Why not try a new pattern or a bright colour? Your clothing also needs to be made of breathable materials such as cotton or linen. We store a variety of shirts and polo tops perfect for the beach, as well variety of shorts in various colours. If you’re feeling adventurous why not pack a patterned shirt too.  

If you’re off on a cruise you are bound to see many different places and want to be prepared for all occasions. Not only do you need your linen shirts, polo tops, shorts and chinos, but you need to take formal wear for those smart evening dinners. We have an extensive range of suits, or if you’d rather, you can even hire for the occasion. We will tailor your suit for the perfect fit.

If you’re staying in England this summer, you will need to be ready for the typical British weather that is often unpredictable. From sunshine to storms, you will need to prepare for it all. That is why we recommend packing your summer attire with a few jackets, pullovers and a selection of trousers.

Whatever holiday you have planned, pop in to the store today to browse our collection or to ask advice from a member of the team.